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Solitude -Rick by SilvybOOm Solitude -Rick :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 7 2 B-432 and Specs by SilvybOOm B-432 and Specs :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 5 1 Marcy, LOOK! by SilvybOOm Marcy, LOOK! :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 4 2 Rick and Marcy by SilvybOOm Rick and Marcy :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 8 1 I'm 16! by SilvybOOm I'm 16! :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 6 16 Flash and tailer as Rick and Morty. by SilvybOOm Flash and tailer as Rick and Morty. :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 5 8 The real World ender. by SilvybOOm The real World ender. :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 7 6 Ink-capsulated. by SilvybOOm Ink-capsulated. :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 25 7 Pixel Flashy Fox by SilvybOOm Pixel Flashy Fox :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 7 11 Super Hedgies fight! by SilvybOOm Super Hedgies fight! :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 7 10 Bad times by SilvybOOm Bad times :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 6 12 OVA outfit Hedgies (Request) by SilvybOOm OVA outfit Hedgies (Request) :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 6 4 Amusing Flash X Tailer sketch by SilvybOOm Amusing Flash X Tailer sketch :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 8 14 Electric Ghost picture by SilvybOOm Electric Ghost picture :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 7 6 Gift for Zhane by SilvybOOm Gift for Zhane :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 12 4 Gift artwork for Tailer the Fox by SilvybOOm Gift artwork for Tailer the Fox :iconsilvyboom:SilvybOOm 9 8


I Understand (Rick and Morty)
Dad he is not very smart, not like all the other kids.
Rick, he’s stupid!
Rick, look at him, my son is stupid and needs to be in school constantly, not running around on your adventures which are making his intelligence go even lower!
Grandpa Rick, Morty isn’t smart like the rest of us, he’s stupid.

Rick frowned as he watched Morty quietly work on some homework in the corner, not even bothering to pay attention to Jerry and Summer who were now pretty much making fun of the teen in the other room. Beth had since gotten drunk and went to bed earlier on, and Summer was trying to stay up until a well-timed comment had both Jerry and Summer going to bed with minimal resistance. Taking a swig from his flask Rick got to his feet unsteadily and walked/wobbled over to where Morty was still doing his homework two hours later.
”Rick, c-can I ask you, uh, something?”
”Yea Morty, what is it?” Rick burped, flopping onto the couch as Mor
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 22 4
fuck me UP by balloonkiddo fuck me UP :iconballoonkiddo:balloonkiddo 4 3 Flashy fox and tailer fox bed sheet i made my self by Tayjhtailerfox Flashy fox and tailer fox bed sheet i made my self :icontayjhtailerfox:Tayjhtailerfox 1 4 Life size flashy fox i draw by Tayjhtailerfox Life size flashy fox i draw :icontayjhtailerfox:Tayjhtailerfox 6 0 Your part of the family boy! by Tayjhtailerfox Your part of the family boy! :icontayjhtailerfox:Tayjhtailerfox 4 0 Flashy fox t shirt by Tayjhtailerfox Flashy fox t shirt :icontayjhtailerfox:Tayjhtailerfox 4 0 Creepy teddy bear flash tailer and teddy by Tayjhtailerfox Creepy teddy bear flash tailer and teddy :icontayjhtailerfox:Tayjhtailerfox 1 3 [p] Rick pls by Revska [p] Rick pls :iconrevska:Revska 9 0 Candy Is Dandy, But Liquor Is Ricker by LaurenNatvigGray Candy Is Dandy, But Liquor Is Ricker :iconlaurennatviggray:LaurenNatvigGray 124 9 Doofus Rick STAMP by ForeverSonu Doofus Rick STAMP :iconforeversonu:ForeverSonu 42 9 Rick Sanchez (fan art) by Fecu Rick Sanchez (fan art) :iconfecu:Fecu 49 10 Rick Sanchez by Fecu Rick Sanchez :iconfecu:Fecu 78 17 Knockoff Rick Mopeez by Skeleion Knockoff Rick Mopeez :iconskeleion:Skeleion 193 24 Pickle rick plush by Rariedash Pickle rick plush :iconrariedash:Rariedash 193 36 Rick and Morty by SonicRocksMySocks Rick and Morty :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 1,261 30




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Solitude -Rick
Pic of B chilling atop a cliff edge playing guitar in Froopy land during a beautiful sunset.
Froopy land is Rick's quiet place. He spends a lot of time there during evenings since Beth doesn't visit anymore. He made the place after all, it's a paradise partially created with himself in mind.
B-432 and Specs
That weird Morty was drawing some really gross stuff. This is what Rick gets for coming to The Creepy Morty late at night. <XD
(Inspired by 'Tales from the Citadel')
Rick and Marcy
My Rick and Morty sonas. <3


Rick B-432's Bio:

Rick B-432 is from a timeline where Morty was born as a girl (passionate artist) named Marcy.


Age: 70


Relationship with the Citadel:




B-432 often wears a grey T-shirt with a green line in the middle,

a lab coat (like other Ricks)

blue trousers with one golden stud on each side

and he wears Nike back to the future shoes. (Rick modified them to have DECENT self-tying mechanisms FYI and various other abilities)

- Rick's accessories include one green earring on his right ear and a gold chain necklace around his neck.

Rick also has the left side of his hair behind his ear shaved to the back of his head and has stubble on his chin.


His personality difference is a rather mellow yet stubborn attitude. He tends to act rather serious and focused, with a quiet tone in his voice. Despite this, he's not devoid of humour or immaturity and does not shy from a good drink.

He has soft spots for his grand-daughters, seeming to enjoy their company more then other peoples.

And unlike most Ricks, B-432 cares a bit more about the way he presents himself.

(He's more polite, clean and organized)

and he always thinks twice about the garage's state before letting people inside in case they injure themselves on one of the many hazards surrounding his workplace. Making them stop, tidying some things away before saying "Ok, come in.."


Sexuality: Bisexual.

Rick B-432 despite having been married to a woman, has grown more of an affinity for men over the years (Directing his interest towards Rick D99 who he has a crush on)


"What comes up must come down and that includes the compatibly one has with another person.."

"A-a-are you telling me that you're all up for science but you still believe th-that the 5 second rule exists? Haha! You're just trying to get in my favor, aren't you?"

"Listen, I know you mean well and you wanna' help, but sometimes you just gotta' let grandpa do his thing."

"Marcy, think you could draw me an anthropomorphic c-creature of some kind? I wanna see if I could bring it to life since I'm experimenting with artificial life forms at the moment."

Drunk quote:

"Fuuuuck if ONLY God existed. I-I- Imagine how entertaining a-uurp-a game of checkers would be.. between me and him? *hic* Holy shit! If Satan and God w-were in a checker game, who do you-what do you think the consequences would be for them..and for humanity? Hahaha! *hic* I bet it would be really fucking extreme."

Marcy Sanchez's Bio:

Marcy is from dimension B-432.

She's a passionate artist and Rick's helping hand in Science experiments.

(Trivia: In this timeline, the family name is Sanchez instead of Smith)


Age: 14


Relationship with the Citadel:




Marcy wears a purple neck scarf along with an orange T-shirt with yellow waves across the brim of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. The design in the middle of the shirt is a pointy yellow spiral.

She also wears sky blue trousers and White/pink Nike shoes.

-Accessories include the lower half of her brown hair being dyed pink and yellow.

She also likes carrying around a big pencil.


Her personality difference is open minded, energetic and creative. Marcy loves going on adventures with Rick; dangerous or not. She's fascinated by all the crazy crap the multiverse has to offer and draws artistic inspiration from all the landscapes and aliens they encounter on other planets.

She still talks with an occasional stutter; especially around new people/aliens as she gets anxious interacting with someone unfamiliar.

(In which case she often hides close to Rick clutching a piece of his lab coat)


Sexuality: Pansexual.

Marcy doesn't think gender matters as long as they're a good person. 🌈💗



"My gosh, th-this place is wonderful!

L-Look at that creature over there, Rick. Woah, I have GOT to draw that when we get back home!"

I'm 16!
It's my birthday today! Fox emoji - birthday  yayy~ Late pic, but hey, at least it's still ploaded on the 30th.
Flash just can't help cosplaying Rick for fun. The man himself doesn't seem as amused however.. Haha

Today was great! My parents took my sisters and I to Yo Sushi at the Lakeside shopping centre then we went into all our favourite stores.
(We even stumbled into HMV and bought Rick and Morty T-shirts and comics! XD Lucky find)
I got some amazing presents for my birthday too including BATIM T-shirts, Pencil case and a Bendy plush, FNAF the Silver Eyes and The Twisted Ones, A Link Tunic hoodie, Chewi Gems (Chew toys) and my first phone! (Alcatel Pixi 4)
not to mention some wonderful artwork from a few friends and fans. <3

So yeah with all that said, I hope you like my pic! :D



SilvybOOm's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Greetings everyone! small heart - teal by prettypunkae

f2u divider by planetless f2u divider by planetless f2u divider by planetless
I am just a weird young tomboy from the UK who loves drawing and making art.

I am good at colouring, painting and drawing on digital software. (Paint Tool SAI mostly.) But by making art in general, I can use all different medias.
I've won 2 awards for my artwork and have achieved an A grade 0-Level qualification in Art & Design. I'm currently pushing for A Level GCSE in the same subject.

But drawing is not the only thing I'm talented at. I can also animate, create my own songs, write stories, and craft. (making custom soft toys)

For my future career, I aspire be a great cartoonist and voice act for kids shows, and maybe, even someday my own...

I am known as 'FlashyFox2001' on YouTube

on colors!3D I was 'Silver'sbestbuddy'. (Now is 'FlashWarrior2001')

Oh! and not to leave out, I'm a proud member on the Autism spectrum! Free Avatar: Puzzle Ribbon by FantasyStock red instead stamp by psychicfriendfredboi #WalkInRED #AprilIsAutismAcceptanceMonth #SelfAdvocacy #ActuallyAutistic #BoycottAutismSpeaks… (<-Autism Awareness Hurts)… (Information about Autism $peaks)… (<- About the WalkInRed campaign)
'Autism $peaks is the disease and WE are the cure'

(I also have ADHD and dyslexia, But that's not a big problem for me luckily)

So with that, I hope ya'll enjoy what my page has to offer! :D


Marcy, LOOK! by SilvybOOm

(My best mate's DeviantArt page)
fnaficthepsychoteddy.deviantar… )

Pixel Glitter Rainbow by Amazinadrielle Rainbow CupCake by ClefairyKid
TF2 RED Team Stamp by SupaSoldier TF2 - Medic by coffeefanatic3462 TF2 Stamp - Scout by ririnyan TF2 Stamp - Sniper by ririnyan TF2 Stamp - Spy by ririnyan TF2 - 'Kill me' by Dragon-Minded Hudda Hudda Huh by LadyQuintessence
Sonic portal stamps by xRubiMalonex Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Tails Stamp by RecklessKaiser Sonic Always Fan Stamp by FourSonic Spyro the Dragon by BronzeHalo Legend Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro I think with Portals by EtherealStardust Aperture Science Stamp by morowhitewolf Portal Fan Stamp by kumapastrychef Portal 2 Stamp by Indy-chan Black Mesa mod Stamp by Deathbymodding lambda stamp by ribot02 Fur Fighters Stamp by RadSpyro Skies of Arcadia stamp by Stareon Skies of Arcadia Legends Stamp by laprasking Skies of Arcadia Stamp by Aikurisu Vyse Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman tLoZ Stamp by antnkrlz Legendary Zelda Stamp by Luifex Rainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlecho stamp :: toon link by kinies Fruits of the Triforce - STAMP by TheGreenDragonGirl Another The Legend of Zelda Stamp by melfurny Stamp: Ghirahim's Fabulous Dance by Rapha-chan FNAF fan stamp by dazza1008 FNAF marionette stamp by dazza1008 F2U: Animated FNAF Stamp by Beyond-theGrave I love fnaf regardless of what others say stamp by Stamp3Maker I Love Both FNAF and MLP - Stamp by AngelOfTheWisp Animal Crossing stamp by HystericDesigns Wheatley Stamp by JaybieJarrett Wheatley Laboratories Stamp by Indy-chan P2 - Smooth Jazz. by SpinningStarshine P2 - AHAHA...ahem. by SpinningStarshine I Love Wheatley Stamp by MsPuppies1 Save Derpy Hooves Support Stamp by Rosethethief autism stamp by rapidograph Autism isn't an insult by Guinnygirl Stamp - Autism by MauserGirl Autism Stamp by JFG107-Stamps Autism is a Gift by MOJAL The Autism Closet by TheWickedKid normal people scare me by Moowna British Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Pasta Monsters Stamp by Onslaught14 Retro Gamer Stamp by Sora05 Special Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Love Dogs Stamp by The-Fairywitch Colors! User Stamp by aquajayfeather UNDERTALE BATCH - free icons by SuperKeesu It Broke The Fourth Wall! Masterpiece! Not. by MYTHICALPOTATOES Undertale by sapphiix Friends Appreciation (non-DA theme) by XxDiaLinnxX WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB by KiranHeartsSTAMPS Star Fox stamp by angelasamshi Flashy fox Sprite! by SilvybOOm F2U Osomatsu-san icons by kvrusu Mini Sans Page Doll by SonicSans Self Taught by GoatSocks
Regular Show Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker fruits basket - STAMP by XxX-Toxic-Girl-XxX Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan by dalmins One Punch Man Stamp 1 by megumar

Heyy~ So, I was tagged by my friend :iconyoshi5383: Yoshi5383 to do this tag. Obviously.. lol
Aaand, I'm gonna' start this now! ^^ (I haven't done one of these in years, I this how I do it? Okay, I'm just going to.)

Tag 8 ppl you want to know better!

Name:  Ya'll know my name. Its FlashyFox2001 here! ;D

Star sign: Virgo~

Average hours of sleep: on my typical weekday, averagely 11 hours of sleep a night.

Lucky Number?: 32

Last thing I googled: 'Hello darkness my old friend~'

Favourite fictional character?: Wait, Every one of them..?
(Inhales, and grabs a big photo book of memories from under my desk.)
Maaann, I could go on for a while about all my fictional friends over the years.. Uhh... Idk, I'll have to say Tails, from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. After all, Tails was the first video game character I ever played with. <3

What are you wearing now?: I'm currently wearing my grey sports jacket over some light pink and white dotty JPs, wearing a Star wars bracelet my best friend gave me, and wearing my FNaF spray-painted Mangle cap on backwards.. My typical choice of wear. Haha~

When did you start this account?: I can't recall the exact date, but I do believe it was in the year 2014. I think..

Amount of watchers: 100! <3

What do I post?: Mostly fan art from video games, and sometimes me and my rl friends avatars.

Do I run any more blogs: Mmm.. Nah, not really. Well, I don't know if Colors3D counts as a blog or not. So no.

Do I get alot of comments: Yeah, I do tend to get at least 2 or 3 people comment on my artwork regularly. Their so nice~

Why did I choose this username: Haha, the name SilvybOOm? Well, don't kill me, but its actually a play off the username of artist/animator/theReasonI'mHereAtAll, 'ScourgEYbOOm' from DA, YouTube, and originally, Flipnote Hatena.
I found her animations on YouTube when I was about 11, and just fell in love with the idea of bringing your own characters to life. (That, and I have a DSI. Which has the same studio she used to animate her films.)
So I was super inspired, and started animating. Which quickly escalated to me really looking up to her for creative guidance. And so, I wanted to have a name like her since I was too unoriginal to come up with my own. :')
That, and I absolutely adored Silver the hedgehog for the longest time. And since he wasn't taken, I figured I would claim my place as biggest fangirl. (Hences my names, Silver'sBestBuddy and SilvybOOm.) Gawd, I was so ridiculous! XD

But my point is, ScourgEY has inspired my to do a lot of good in the past, and has given me enough determination to discover my wonderful artistic gift. and I don't know if I would even be here today, drawing like crazy if it wasn't for her. So thank you so, SO much. <3

Welp, I think I'm done with this tag. ^^
Oh, do I have to tag someone too? Uhh... Oh I don't know, I'll just pick out some random friends:

:icon12lmorris: 12Lmorris
:icongeekypaws: Geekypaws
:icongoldensoulon: GoldenSoulON
:iconadreamingguardian: ADreamingGuardian
:iconzhanerx: ZhaneRX
:icondaisy-mai-5157: Daisy-mai
:iconsoul7chaos: Soul7Chaos

That should do. ^^ Have fun fellas. ;)

Listening to: '50% off' cover theme {SPLASH FREE} (OctoPimp's parody series of the anime 'FREE'-Iwatobi Swim Club' on YouTube.)
Reading: Na-ah, Writing~ Fanfiction.
Watching: My own YouTube videos as they upload.
Playing: Does drawing nsfw stuff count as playing..? :T
Eating: the air.
Drinking: Delicious tea.


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